About Us

From the first concerts or ‘musicales’, in private homes to the concert series of today, the aim of Troy Chromatic Concerts has been to bring musical programs of the highest caliber for the enjoyment of local audiences. Organized in 1894 by students of Troy music teacher J. Albert Jeffery, and led by David Cowee, Jr., the Chromatic Club presented its first concert in February of 1895 featuring world renown artist Edward A. MacDowell. It was an enormous success and inspired the continuing commitment of ‘Chromatics’ to present the finest artists of their time. A list of Chromatics’ Board of Directors is available here.

More about Chromatics’ history is available in PDF versions of our anniversary booklets:

50th Anniversary Booklet (1946) (size: 1.1 MB)
75th Anniversary Booklet (1971) (size: 2.0 MB)
100th Anniversary Booklet (1996) (size: 3.4 MB)

View a gallery of 50 renowned artists selected from our 113 seasons; click here.
List of concerts; click here (pdf).
List of performers by category; click here. (pdf)